Peeps, Places, Plates

With winter creeping through the cracks of the window, I sat down this week to dig through my photographs, in the day of everybody sharing everything impulsively (with me being no exception) I got to really start reflecting on what I do have in my life. I started to come across some themes in my images, and in my imagery that I felt compelled to document, when sorted, starts turning into a narrative of its own (besides fabulous vacation travel). 

My Peeps (all smiles), My Places (still life), My Plates (my tummy).

J. Spica

I got to really start reflecting on what I do have in my life, and the first thing is people. When a candid portrait gets captures successfully, I think it really says a lot about the person in the photo, and about my choices of who I surround myself with. So of course I had to start with the biggest fan that always leaves a comment for me on the blog, the gourmet sorbet guru J. Spica. 

With Yuka and Brian I don't think you need anything else besides their smiles. 


Yes, morning caffeination is a must to wake up the eyes, but Fran is always ready to work in style. We are always there for each other every morning to catch up on the details of our lives.


Carlos is the shop chief of anything hands on. I have been instructed on advice on tools, house repair, constructive suggestions on how to adjust my viewpoint on life to be absolutely positive.

Akiko and Ryo

How many people can claim an awesome roommate that makes life easier because we're both responsible? And to make things even better Akiko an her boyfriend Ryo just busted out her upright bass to practice with Ryo's trumpet. I hope I get to hear more live music in the house!


Sophie! is an absolute sweetie. Life has thrown her many many lemons lately, but she is churning it vigorously into lemonade. Whenever you hear someone greet her, its always with an exuberant exclamation mark. 


My surrogate older brother D' (on the left), with his older brother Captain (on the right). I found having someone who has a very similar point of view on life to blabber away at the end of the day is always encouraging. 

I amazes me that this is only a fraction of the peeps that have come through in my life, and they are very dear to me, these are the people who I am surrounded by. 

I am also surrounded by the city and state of New York currently, and the places I've so far submerged myself into, have made it into my subconsciousness. 

bannerman island

Bannerman Island is a tiny rock on the Hudson River that use to house military surplus, that now houses beautiful upstate New York nature.

zen corner

I try to make time to stare at this next to my desk daily, only to realize three months later from when I took this shot, the current state of the plant is looking a bit sadder, which means my attention has been elsewhere lately. Its about time I started paying more attention to my close surroundings. 


I'm calling this statue next to Columbus Circle "Birdman", maybe "Pidgeon Perch" might be better.

meserole shoe repair

You really can't be in a walking city without needing to repair shoes. My go-to cobbler is an adorable elderly couple that helps take care of my feet happiness. 

hello pumpkin

The rain on the pumpkin makes it look like it's scared and sweating bullets. The personality of the pumpkin really shines through, but it has very little to fear in the cozy neighborhood of Greenpoint. 

brooklyn expo

If you ever get to see Brooklyn Expo Center in person, you can see the Manhattan skyline straight through the glass enclosed building. This newly established building really changed the architectural face of north Brooklyn.


Bargemusic is absolutely fascinating, classical music on the East River. But the stillness before the concert adds to the surprise when the whole venue starts rocking over the waves!

pump house sunset park

Industrial details in Sunset Park,  I know that Brooklyn is synonymous with the water tower, but how about the water pump house!? I don't know if this is an active location or not, to imagine what it must look like when you open all the valves!

Water is important, but the significance I place on food is undeniable. You are what you eat, and I can say I have had many life events where my tummy has dictated who I am.

pancetta eggs
pancetta red pepper omlette

Now this was definitely indulgence, pancetta (bacon), parmesean cheese, eggs and half & half to be turned into the ultimate omelette with red peppers and red + green onions. 

northside bakery prepared foods
northside bakery bread

If I have to get outside food, then Northside Bakery would be my default. They have an amazing polish hot food bar with pork cutlets, goulash, kasha, stuffed peppers, roast veggies and not to forget the entire wall full of european bread and sold by the pound cakes. 

sausage pasta tomato

Bratwurst, spinach, tomato, egg noodle. Happy simplicity.

plain omlette

Lately I have gotten better at pretty omelettes, but no guarantee if I switch into an unfamiliar kitchen. 

foodcart tamales
salsa verde tamale

Usually I stay away from generic city food carts, but when I saw this popular food stand (the surrounding carts had no customers) with tamales, I had to give it a try. A happy discovery for me, green salsa chicken tamales for $2.00 a piece. Now this is what I call real breakfast on the go.

steak brussels sprout cornbread

Trying to be better at feeding myself when ravenous. This particular time I was so hungry, I had to be sure I prepared enough food so that I wouldn't be still wanting after my first round of eating. Thank goodness I had the steaks already marinating and brussels sprouts and corn muffin mix was a matter of throwing it into the oven. 

space 98 drinks bourbon

Grabbing drinks with a co-worker entails ordering bourbon choices neat with a side of ice. Hudson Valley Baby on the left and I totally forgot on the right, but quality to be promised when they're $15 a glass. I am grateful she picked up the tab, I made sure she had a full glass of water after the second round. 

middle eastern deli
kibbe moujaddara salad

When in new territory, its a joy to find food made with care. This Mediterranean joint was sandwiched between your Chinese takeout and pizza by the slice. Kibbe beef ball with Moujaddara lentil rice topped with caramelized onion and chopped tomato cucumber salad. Served with tahini and hot sauce. 

kipper snacks
spoonful of kippers

I like trying different tins of fish. This one was so tasty it never made it into a sandwich, completely consumed by the spoonful occasionally sprinkled with scallions. 

veggie sandwich

I'm grateful I like my vegetables, spinach, alfalfa sprouts on onion ciabatta and muenster cheese.

tuna salad pasta

Eat the rainbow for your health, so the rainbow I eat. I am missing purple, red and blue, but I got pink tuna, white onion, orange pepper, green spinach, yellow pasta, brown almonds. 

What do you end up with when all this is rolled up together? Somebody who has a better understanding of themselves by going through this exercise. There is so much want, want, want (and my tummy is definitely guilty of that) but this to me is proof of what I do have. People to talk to, Places to explore, Plates full of food that can be eaten to fuel my well being.

bear woman