24 x 2


I am asking for help to take photographs and copy write to attempt to sell the Kitchen Aid stand mixer that I am being chastised that I am under pricing the appliance.

I helped her apply for Health Insurance through the State of New York Health website

I made dinner with her of roasted brussels sprouts, red skin potatoes, skillet italian sausage and most importantly the labor intensive mushroom cream sauce of butter, flour, cream and mushrooms to smother everything else.

dinner at caroline's mushroom cream sauce

Caroline’s roomie was driving us crazy so we walked from Kosciuszko St Station on the J train by her house to my apartment. We picked up Crabbie’s “alcoholic ginger beer” and both tried it for the first time. She met and got along with my roommate and her boyfriend.

Caroline crashed at my place.

I woke up first and made coffee served with creamer.

Made breakfast of eggs scrambled with sofrito on onion rolls with slices of muenster cheese.

Yammered on for a bit as the day got sunnier.

brooklyn expo pet adoption

Left my apartment and walked towards Greenpoint, we checked out the pet adoption convention happening at Brooklyn Expo center. We both started to suffer allergic reaction from the pets and left early in regret of all the adorableness of the pets up for adoption. I showed her around points of Polish interest - Prepared Foods Deli, chocolate by the pound, bread by the pound, meat shop by the pound. Each store specialized in a product and sold all items priced by the pound.

polish meat by the pound

Shared a lunch at a Korean American Restaurant Ms. Kims and had steamed pork dumplings and Kimchee Bi Bim Bap in stone bowl. We ate every last bit of crispy rice from the stone bowl.

Caroline took me into the city to go find her Secret Santa gift for a coworker as we saw throngs of people dressed as Santa Claus for Santa Con Bar Crawl getting drunk, in addition to the masses of tourists descended into Midtown for Christmas Shopping. Dodging and shouldering the unsavory masses we pressed onward. She wanted to find crazy socks so I led her into a Desigual store, with no socks, so we ended up with her intended prize from Express carrying all colors of the rainbow in polkadots and checkers.

Tired from a long day on foot, we both hopped onto the train, and parted ways from the F Brooklyn Bound train.  

I promptly fell asleep when I got home.


I am asking for help to apply to some career ideas I have and then throwing in some crazy in between. To see where I should focus my resume instead of seeming directionless.

I helped him write his Christmas card request of me to write a punchy and concise letter.

I had dinner with Daniel in a Park Slope Bistro while he had soup and salad, I had of country style pate loaf and liver mousse. Made uber fancy with condiments of watercress, balsamic vinegar, fig jam, grain mustard, sour pickles.

park slope bistro pate.

Hung out at the Bistro for the evening with Cote du Rhone glasses, I met two of Daniel’s extended family members as they walked in for a nightcap after dinner and a movie evening and I got along with them. Walked from 12th street in Park Slope to 41st street in Sunset Park.

I crashed at Daniel’s place.

I woke up first and made coffee served with creamer.

Had breakfast of leftover country pate and liver mousse, followed with buttered toast.

Yammered on for a bit as the day got sunnier.

roosevelt island tramway

Left his apartment and hit the train to the Roosevelt Island Tramway. Used the transfer from the metro card to get on the Tramway for the first time and got to see a view of the city from above. Wandered around the perimeter of Roosevelt Island as it felt deserted and abandoned with the only populated place being the one bar on the island. Got to see the lighthouse on the northern end of the Island. Was pointed out the hospital that Daniel’s grandfather was admitted to at the end of his life.

barren Roosevelt island street.

Grabbed on lunch from one of the less suspicious looking grocery stores on the Island, I devoured a curry chicken salad on a roll, and he polished a container of walnut, cranberry trail mix.

Daniel took me into the city to continue the walk, dissected the behavior of buildings with relation to each other, which ones had too much overpowering ego, and which ones had no regard for appearance. Saw run down or closed businesses, and vacant new building retail spaces possibly as a consequence of the 2nd Avenue rail line in the works. Pondered the fate of sad real estate agents wanting national franchises to make a lease deal with and how a disappointing use of economy stimulation that is.

Tired from a long day on foot, we both hopped into the train station, and parted ways from the Union Square Station.

I promptly fell asleep when I got home.