Veni Vidi Vici Seattle! (part 1)

(The gogobaroness Holiday Re-Run Series! The 3 part installment of my June trip to Seattle!)

Hello Peeps and Peepettes!

I'm so excited to share my Seattle trip with you!


My flight gets delayed due to a lightning storm and a missing co-pilot!

The Light Rail in Seattle closes at Midnight - I was forewarned that taxi's can get up to $50 from the airport to Downtown. So when I got up to the taxi line my options were - Yellow Cab - or Flat Rate car service for $45 - I didn't want to worry about any hidden charges - they throw me into a full sized limousine!

The Sikh driver "Rimpy" also informed me if I wanted a cheaper version of Uber carservice - the best one to use is "ex-uber" app I'll have to keep that in mind.

Get to City Hostel Seattle and greeted by Andrew. A recent Seattle transplant from Boston - he took good care of us Hostel peeps by standing guard the graveyard shift frequently. I didn't get a good look at the room the first night but you need a card key to enter the building, same card key to enter your specific room - the bathrooms are cleaned daily. I was in a female only 4 bunk room with a private bathroom - 5 nights for $200. Awesome deal in the middle of Seattle.

01 - Andrew at City Hostel
02 - room 205 at City Hostel

The first night - run into other Hostel peeps running out to the bar across the street for a drink - end up at Rendevouz - a 50's punk glam bar complete with topless guy running out of bar claiming he's still trying to wash off the mace spray from his face and the pale women with silky black poufy hairdo's in eyeliner. I celebrated and hoped to put myself to sleep by a reasonable hour with a glass of Buffalo Trace Bourbon on the rocks.

03 - Rendevouz Bar

Saturday - overcast & famous drizzle

I asked the front desk where he got his morning coffee and he indicated Macrina Bakery - it wasn't in the direction I wanted to go - but I was turned around and stumbled across it anyway - Breakfast #1 from Macrina Bakery - Spinach and Cheese Bread with Coffee.

I also grabbed a copy of "The Stranger" that Trip Advisor recommended from the Hostel to read later.

04 - Macrina Cafe Breakfast #1
05 - The Stranger local paper

I wanted to find out in advance the plan I had for Sunday by South Lake Union - the Center for Wooden Boats  (which was also in my direction for Seattle Seaplanes) and found the cutest wooden huts and spiffy boats. And I thought because it was still early Saturday Morning - the dock that extended into the lake was completely mine!

06 - The Center for Wooden Boats
07 - Spiffy Boats

I had my awesome breakfast there and perused through "The Stranger" to find out the composer Yann Tiersen from the movie Amelie was in Seattle that night! So of course I had to get tickets.

I migrate over to my destination of the day - Seattle Seaplanes!

I got to see Seattle from a birds eye point of view - and realized how organized Seattle is - I got a really good idea of its basic geography - there's so much water!

I met Kit another pilot at Seattle Seaplanes, Toby the mascot dog, and Bob was the pilot for our trip. It was the most fantastic way I have ever experienced a view of a city.

08 - Seattle Seaplanes
09 - View of Lake Union
10 - Yay! at Seattle Seaplanes

It was chillier than I thought so I got coffee from the fire engine red coffee Truck Celeste Espresso and had a fabulous cappuccino made by Celeste herself.

11 - Celeste Espresso at Lake Union

I meander through the neighborhoods to get back to the Elliott's Bay waterfront I was hoping to get to the Bainbridge Island Art museum by the way of the Washington State Ferry. I get on the Ferry - a calming ride on the water for 35 minutes. By the time I arrive to the Island I realize I am out of time to try to catch the Concert I got tickets for at 7pm - so I hop right back on the Ferry to take the return trip to Seattle.

12 - Washington State Ferry

On the way back to the Hostel to change - I smelled something being grilled to perfection and discover "Osaka Teriyaki" on 2nd and Pike. In the middle of tourist central - but super run down and almost decrepit looking - I dashed back to the Hostel changed - and trekked my way back to investigate. Run by an older chinese couple operating the space - lined up with the regulars, I couldn't spot a single tourist besides me - mostly bums and laborers who have saved up their dollars to get this hot meal, the crackheads preserving their half smoked cigarettes on the outside window sill as the Pike Public Market tourists scoot on by. I get the $7 chicken special as advertised on their sandwich board. Tender Char grilled chicken over white steamed rice in Terikaki sauce - with a side of crisp iceberg and watered down ranch sauce (if you're a real local - you ask for the ranch sauce on top of the teriyaki sauce regardless of rice plate or sandwich format.) My tummy was so happy!

13 - Osaka Teriyaki plate
14 - Happy Tummy at Osaka Teriyaki

Seattle folks like to wear color - as the famous rain sprinkles down upon us. Nobody really uses umbrellas - mostly hoodies, hats and coats with hoods seems to be the preferred method.

15 - My dream Hat in Seattle

I speed walk cutting through Downtown up the steep streets into Capitol Hill to Neumos the concert venue of the evening. Discovered the show got postponed from 7pm to 8pm - after perusing the beverage venue options- I spot some awesome patio seats in front of the Oddfellows - the inside of the restaurant was extremely full - only to find out from the hostess nobody wanted to sit outside. I was the real Oddfellow - had the entire patio to myself to people watch - that restaurant was meant to be visited by me - their house cocktail of bourbon, cointreau, lemon, bitters - turned out to be my imbibement of choice.  

16 - Oddfellow Restaurant house cocktail

Will Call tickets for Neumos was lined up all the way down the next block - I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see the stage - due to my height restrictions - but the entire crowd in front of me went straight for the upstairs balcony - so I was in front of the stage! I rocked out next to gramps in a wheelchair for the opening set a band called "no" -- he was there to cheer for his grandson who was the bassist - the lady with him asked if he wanted to remove his hearing aids because it might get too loud - he refused and insisted he wanted to hear it all.

The main event for the evening Yann Tiersen and band was absolutely thrilling I rocked out so hard in a crowd full of standing stiffs - what a shame for such moving sounds!

17 - Neumos Music Venue
18 - Yann Tiersen

the rest to follow!