Veni Vidi Vici Seattle! (part 3)

(The gogobaroness Holiday Re-Run Series! The 3 part installment of my June trip to Seattle!)

Tuesday- overcast & famous drizzle - with sunny afternoon in between.

Breakfast #4 from Macrina Bakery - espresso chocolate hazelnut biscotti - I gifted them to Pati and Glen at Bell Harbor - it was fun to hang out with them first thing in the morning. I could totally get into this morning coffee chat thing.

39 - Good Morning Seattle!

Lost track of time and booked it over to Brainbridge Island Ferry further down the waterfront to meet up with Sophie on Bainbridge Island. We chatted up a storm catching up over coffee and she showed me the beach on the north side of the ferry. We also checked out Bainbridge Island Museum that opened up last year. The Book Binding and Cover exhibit was spellbinding.

40 - Sophie in Bainbridge
41 - Spellbinding Books

We got lunch at Cafe Nola on Winslow Way and indulged and shared Bourbon with grapefruit juice, and Bourbon with strawberry and oranges. Food heaven was Scallops on cornbread for Sophie and Dungeness Crab Cheese Toast for me!

42 - Lunch at Cafe Nola

Sophie had to go back to take care of the dogs, in memory of Bainbridge Island I traveled with a sprig of flowers on the ferry ride back to Seattle.

43 - Ferry to Seattle

For the entire time from Sunday I was thinking on the totes at Center for Wooden Boats made from sail and canvas fabric recycled from boats - I finally caved in and purchased the happy blue tote. Considering I spent so much time already on their docks - it felt right to support them and I ended up with my new jazzy tote!

Also I realized this was the last time I would be hanging out on my awesome dock - so I left the flowers to hang out on the dock for me.

44 - my placeholder at Center of Wooden Boats

My last meal I ended up at Twisted Pasty on 4th Avenue and Vine. Restaurant based off of Cornish Pasties I've been eyeing it as I walked through Belltown.

I ordered the Salmon with mushroom and asparagus for dinner and a Guinness stewed corned beef with potatoes and cabbage Pasty for the flight back to New York. The Cocktail of the evening was something they developed for a Book Club event at the restaurant and was such a hit they kept it on the menu - Earl Grey tea infused Scotch with honey, lemon and ginger beer. I enjoyed the aroma of the Earl Grey - my second round was only the Earl Grey tea infused 12 year Scotch with ice! My waitress MIchiko was amused (and told me) what such bubbly enthusiasm in I have in ordering Scotch on the rocks.

45 - Twisted Pasty dinner ensemble

Did I mention I was the only person sitting outside again? Yes it was overcast - but it was not raining and refreshing - Seattleites sitting inside didn't know what they were missing out on.

46 - very comfortable chair

But I did have company - a family decided to order the mixed berry pasty for dessert - but since it was a 21 and over establishment only their two highschool/ college looking son and daughter was not allowed in, I invited them to sit with me while their parents ordered dessert. They were a family from Kentucky visiting Seattle where their father used to serve on a military base, they've traveled to New York and now Seattle and amazed at how big these cities were, and dreamed of maybe being able to live in them. They were so well mannered with their hands on their knees - I yammered on about New York being like boot camp for living life. If you can survive New York you can take those survival skills and take them anywhere else.

Wednesday - overcast

I wake up early to pick up Breakfast #5 from Macrina Bakery - this time cranberry biscotti for Pati and Glen - I had the savory salmon Pasty leftovers for breakfast as I hung out one last time with them on the Bell Harbor office. We swapped emails and facebooks, they wished me safe travels and to see me again in Seattle sometime.

I finally experienced the Seattle Light Rail en-route to Seattle Tacoma (Sea-Tac) Airport. Thankfully the flight is on time.

47 - Light Rail Locals
48 - airport water station!

To mirror my arrival in Seattle the Cabbie back to the apartment was a Sikh - inside Jimmy Fallon and the loud Yellow Cab channel was giving me a headache - so it turned it all off to notice he had some interesting music on,

"I like the music you have on the radio, can you turn it up for me?"

"Its not music"

"Oh, its prayer?"

"Yes, Prayer"

"Its very beautiful Prayer"

of Voice, harmonium, tabla and flute ensemble. It was a meditative way to reflect on my trip and emotions as I got jostled in the New York Cab ride back to the daily grind.

I had an absolutely fabulous time.

49 - nature + industry = Seattle