Noble Ms. Brown

I would like everyone to please welcome the newest addition to the kitchen "Noble Ms. Brown"! She is a street orphan picked up from Noble Street and taken into custody with much enthusiasm, for a Le Creuset dutch oven is a rare gem of a find. 

I have been dreaming about braising since last winter, and with this new recruit, she had to be put to the test!

the test team.jpg

Her opponents are beef short rib bones, Negra Modelo beer, butter, garlic, onion, cabbage, lemongrass, red pepper flakes, thyme, cloves, coriander seeds. 

browning beef bones

Melt a liberal dose of butter and brown the bones first. Then the garlic and lemongrass had to join the butter action. 

onions garlic lemongrass

Red pepper flakes to start oozing out their kick and the onions jump in. 

calling all carrots

Calling all carrots!

cabbage and beer .jpg

One dose of butter is never enough, a secondary dose dashes in to assist the champions of the evening - cabbage and (two bottles!) of Negra Modelo brown beer. Thrown into the scalding oven for 40 minutes....

smell of victory.jpg

I smell victory!!!

With the telltale signs of a successful braising in the speckled browning on the edges. Well done Noble Ms. Brown, you have now been initiated into my kitchen team. 

kitchen team assembled

 As Fall descends upon us, now she will be participating in many, many delightful heartwarming meals to come!